Monthly Coaching Fees 

Academy 10                                   £12

Academy                                        £31

Skill Development 1                       £43

Skill Development 2                       £48

Competitive Squad                        £53

Performance Squad                      £59

Swim and coach                            £38

Masters 1                                      £22

Masters 2                                      £35

Student (paid annually)                 £65 



Fees are payable by monthly standing order, on the 1st of each month.

We are unable to accept cash or cheque payments. 

A £15 administration fee is due for all new members.

  All members must also be members of Swim England.

        - This provides insurance cover and is essential if they wish to enter any competitions.

        - The membership fee for Swim England is paid annually, and is subject to change.

        - This year’s fee for Category 1 swimmers (Masters) is £17.20, Category 2 swimmers (all other squads) is £37.25.  

        - These payments are made as part of your monthly invoice.

  A family discount is available for TSC coaching fees:

Number of family members

Discount applied to total fee