Tring Swim Club offers all ages a fun and friendly environment to build a love of swimming. Not only will you perfect your  strokes and gain an outstanding all-round fitness, there's also a whole lot more to enjoy.  

You’ll join a team, where everyone matters and everyone cares. Our professional coaches will show you the latest top skills. And you’ll have plenty of opportunity to compete alongside the very best clubs and individuals in the county, region, and country. Book your free trial today. 

Tring Swimming Club is brought to you by a team of volunteers and sponsors. Find out how you can make a difference in your local community and help build the swimmers of tomorrow.

Latest News

Herts Major League Round 1 - Report from Team Captains

Round 1 - Report from Team Captains A Team - Isabella Dolton, Ed Larner Everyone had a great time at the first round of...

By E Dolton

How to make a difference…in an hour!

As you know Tring Swimming Club is aiming to hold its first ever licensed Club Championships later this year. Not only is this the...

By E Dolton

TSC News - Results for Splash Gala, February 2023

The results for the Splash Gala February 2023 can be found on the website here - Tring Swimming Club - Splash Gala February 2023...

By E Dolton

TSC News: Splash Gala - February 2023

Well done again to everyone for doing so well at this year’s first Splash Night! A record attendance (46 swimmers raced), and most importantly...

By E Dolton

Updated training schedule, February 2023

Please find an updated training schedule on the TSC website - Tring Swimming Club - Training Schedule ( This schedule is effective from now....

By E Dolton


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