How to make a difference…in an hour!

E Dolton

As you know Tring Swimming Club is aiming to hold its first ever licensed Club Championships later this year. Not only is this the highlight of the swimmers diary where club records are smashed, it will also provide a valuable opportunity for swimmers to establish their latest official times - essential for competing. 


However, to get the licence we need Timekeepers to record the times of swimmers in races, and right now we don't have enough.



It is the parents/carers of swimmers who volunteer to become a club’s Timekeepers. An hour or so of your time is all it takes to become one, plus you’ll be at the heart of the fun when it comes to the Club Championships. 






Simply email Mike or Andy Butterworth now on [email protected] and we’ll get you on board as soon as possible. Together we’ll make this year’s Club Championships the best ever.