Sunday 24th May 2020 - BAKE-A-LONG 

More photos to come... you swimmers were amazing today. Not only can you OUTSWIM just about everyone, you are also brilliant cooks!  Don't stop baking!  I could eat every one of these biscuits..... 

I can spot a Tring swimmer from anywhere!                                  Love the Olympic rings! Thank you very

Fabulous work the Solomons x                                                                                      much Amelia.


Love the lilo, James!  Yummy biscuits too....


Thanks Amaya, these are just great!  Everything                                       Sophie...get you, the creative  

that's great about swimming. And a facemask too!                           chef! These look too good to eat! heart   


Amazing artwork Talia. They look too good to eat!                  Wow James, I love the faces with the hat                                                                                                                     and goggles. I need to see these in real life!


As always, very fine work from the Ashwells.                           When the Cave's get creating...they come 

Beautiful work Florence. They look fabulous!                                    up marvelous!  Brilliant biscuits! 


What a great word stamp, Pippa.                                               Lego swimmers not edible ūü§£ but the rest of it

Love it!                                                                                             looks delicious Morgan!


Apparently the long biscuits are lane ropes!                        Great logo, and dolphins......of course!  

Well done Bella.                                                                          Fabulous work, Marcy and Verity


Yummy! Well done Edie  yes                                       Some large 'pool' biscuits there to munch on!

                                                                                                        Great work Ri Ri 

Yummy!  Well done Edie            

Enjoy browsing the creativity and fun of Tring Swimming Club heart


Work in progress......