The club operates to a set of policies and some important ones are linked below. Policies, by their nature can be a somewhat tedious read, but they play an important role in clarifying expectations and responsabilities. Our policies are, where relevant, informed and influenced by Swim Ireland policies

COVID Procedures for Parents and Swimmers - Click HERE

Parents and Guardians Code of Conduct - Click HERE

Swimmers Code of Conduct - Click HERE

Parent on Duty Responsibilities - Click HERE

Parent on Duty COVID Compliance Responsibilities - Click HERE

Data Protection and Privacy - Click HERE

Attendance - Click HERE

Supervision Code of Conduct - Click HERE

Committee Code of Conduct - Click HERE

Coaches/Teachers Code of Conduct - Click HERE


Swim Ireland

We seek to align with the the following guidance from Swim Ireland

Swim Ireland Code of Conduct

Click HERE

Swim Ireland Rule Book (Clubs, Members, Affiliates)

Click HERE