Competitive Squads

ESB has 3 classes of competitive squad to accomodate swimmers at different levels. 

  • National Squad
  • Intermediate Squad
  • Junior Squad

National Squad

The National Squad is the highest level of swimming available within the club. It has produced a number of top athletes over the years including Irish Olympian Aisling Cooney and numerous Irish record and title holders.

Swimmers in this squad have dedicated themselves to competitive swimming and continue to strive for greatness on the national and international stages.

The base standard required for invitation to this group is qualification to the National Age Group Championships in July of each year. The squad have 14-16 hours of coaching provided per week. (Training Timetable here)

Intermediate Squad

The Intermediate Squad is made up of swimmers who have had a certain level of exposure to age-group competitive swimming.

This group’s main focus is to qualify for the National Division 2 Championships which are held in Limerick each year.

The group continues to learn new skills and each swimmer is expected to be able to swim each stroke confidently to a standard that allows them to train for a much higher standard of competition. (Training Timetable here)

Junior Squad

The Junior Squad gives the swimmers their first taste of competitive swimming.

The emphasis remains on teaching rather than coaching while exposing swimmers to new ideas such as distance swimming and race tactics.

Invitation to this group is based on the coach’s assessments and the swimmer will be expected to be able to perform all four strokes confidently for a minimum of two lengths while also demonstrating other skills such as tumble turns and diving. (Training Timetable here)