Parents and Swimmers Guide

The competitive swimming season starts early in October every year with competitions generally focused in pools 25 meter length (short course). Toward February many competitions take place in 50 meter pools (long course) with the season culminating at the national finals in July. A calendar for the season will be advised by the club in September.. 

A great place to get the essentials is to have a look at our Parents and Swimmers Guide here


It is a mandatory requirement by Swim Ireland that every training session is supervised by a parent for child safeguarding reasons. A supervision roster is prepared every month by the Children’s Officers and available on the website here (link). Parent participation and cooperation is vital to the running of the club and your children’s enjoyment. It is a small obligation once every few weeks and a good time to catch up on that book! Parents are required to contact other parents to arrange a swop or cover unable to attend. A WhatsApp parents group is used by parents for this purpose.


Parents also help the club fulfil its duty to supply officials at galas proportianate to the number of swimmers/entrants from the club. At regional and national galas every club must fulfil some of the official duties such as timekeeping and turn judge. The club will arrange for parents to receive training for these roles throughout the year (if the club does not undertake these duties we shall not be permitted to enter further galas according to Swim Ireland rules). Parent involvement is a requirement set out by the rules of Swim Ireland in order to ensure events are run safely and at the lowest costs.

Notes on GALAS

For everyone

Gala competitions are held throughout the swimming season. Swimmers will be encouraged to enter suitable galas by their coach. Age groupings in swimming are usually based on year of birth. Most galas will last a full day, sometimes two and on occasions up to 4 days for national events. It is therefore important to pack the appropriate kit for each event. In most instances swimmers will need to bring:

  • Swimming club hat
  • 2 pairs goggles (in case one pair breaks!)
  • Togs
  • 2 towels (you will likely be involved in multiple events)
  • Shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops (swimmers will not be presented medals without a t-shirt)
  • Plenty of water
  • Light snacks

Process for entering Galas and seeking Scratches - see instructions here (link)

For officials

At regional and national galas every club is timetabled to provide a number of officials to help run the event. (Timekeeper, Turn Judge and Team Manager). The club regularally runs courses in conjunction with Swim Ireland to train people on how to do these jobs. It really is quite easy and USA Swimming have some very helpful video guides that you can use as an aide-memoir before an event if you want to brush up on what's required

See the video guides here (link)

You shoudl be in attendance 30m before the start of your rostered time and make yourself know to the competition organisers (typically a table set up on the pool deck neat the start end of the pool). There is usually an officials briefing prior to the start of the session which will communicate information on the upcoming session and allow you to ask questions. Your role on the day (Timekeeper, Turn Judge or Team Manager) will be communicated in the roster which is sent out via email prior to the event


All club gear which includes swimming togs, t-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, sweatshirts and bags can be ordered directly via the ESB Swimming Club's page on the Swimkit website (link). All members of the Competitive Squads are required to purchase shorts and a t-shirt and must wear this and appropriate footwear (eg flip-flops) at galas