We are a volunteer club of swimmers and their parents and must hire all of the pools we train in and pay for on a monthly basis. Fees are also charged by Swim Ireland for insurance and registration. We aim to charge the minimum amount possible to cover costs of the club.

Fees are charged to swimmers based on the training hours of their squad for the year. Pools must be booked for the year based on the maximum amount of swimmers so refunds or reductions in cases of absence are not possible. Swimming fees may be paid in full or by direct debit installments.

Gala fees as they arise are required to be paid in advance by each gala organizer. The club will manage this in a bulk payment for each gala for all swimmers.

Unfortunately gala organizers do not issue refunds if swimmers do not attend 


The ESB Swimming Club works in partnership with Way2Pay, Irelands fastest growing cashless solution to facilitate online billing and payment.

All fees associated with membership of the club such as training fees, gala entry fees and registration fees are sent electronically to parents/guardians by email and text. Parents/guardians can then logon to the Way2Pay system and pay by debit or credit card.

If you have any difficulties logging onto Way2Pay please email [email protected]