ADULT POLO (Mixed / Over 18's)

This is a mixed male and female session on the first Wednesday of every month for adults to try water polo, who have no prior experience and would like to give water polo a go to gain some basic skills and fitness.
If this is of interest, we are now taking a waiting list for future players.
This squad will do a 90 min session. The first half will consist of a light swim warm-up, skill development drills, passing, and shooting. With the second half being a friendly match between ourselves.
We will require a minimum swim ability for adults to attend this session, to continuously, confidently, and independently swim 200m front crawl (8 lengths) and able to do breaststroke.


What is Adult Water Polo?
It’s entry-level water polo training sessions for over 18’s with no prior experience, but for adults who would like to give it a go while building some core skills, fitness, teamwork, gameplay, and have a bit of fun!
Where do Adult Water Polo sessions take place?
At St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, in half the main pool, the moveable floor will be set to 2m depth for the session.
When are Adult Water Polo sessions?
We plan to run one session per month, on the first Wednesday of every month, 8:30-10pm @ St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre.
Do I need to be able to swim?
Yes, we have a minimum swim requirement to attend. You must confirm you can continuously, confidently, and independently swim 200m (8 lengths) Front Crawl and be able to do breaststroke.
Can I wear goggles?
Only for the initial swim warm-up. But not for the remainder of the session.
What should I play water polo in?
Ladies must wear one-piece swimming costumes.
Men must wear swimming briefs or jammers ( no loose / board shorts)
Do you supply the water polo equipment?
Yes, we supply all the equipment for the session… hats, balls, goals etc…
Do I need to bring anything else with me?
Yes, we recommend you bring a water bottle on to the poolside for the session.
Are there initial free sessions for newcomers?
Sorry, no, not for the adult sessions. However, we allow all newcomers to attend a couple of pay-as-you-go, ‘try out’ sessions before we require you to become a club member.
How much do Adult Water Polo sessions cost?
Sessions are £10 per session for one 1.5-hour session.
How do I pay for the sessions?
The first few sessions are by cash on arrival to the session coach (  not the pool reception). Following these, if you want to continue, we require you to become a club member and pay through our direct debit system – GoCardless every month.
Following the first few sessions, how much is it to join the club if I want to continue?
For the Adult Session, the annual club membership is £20 per year. This includes your Swim England membership/insurance, which we arrange on your behalf. The Annual Club membership runs from 1 Jan to 31 Dec.
Will this squad ever play matches against other teams?
That’s not the plan at this time. But we will always play a friendly game between ourselves at each session.
What will the Adult water polo session consist of….?
We hope for the attendance to be approx. 20-24 adults every session. The first half of the session will initially consist of a light swim warm-up, some skill development drills, passing, and shooting. The second half will be a friendly match between ourselves.
Are you a business or part of the Leisure centre?
No, we are Exeter Water Polo. We are a Swim England registered water polo club run entirely by volunteers. All funds raised go back into the club.
Is the club on Facebook?