We run Mini Polo sessions for kids aged 7-9 who are currently doing swim lessons and are Swim Stage 4+.

Our Mini polo sessions allow kids to experience water polo at an early age in standing depth water to promote water confidence, core skills, teamwork, gameplay (with limited rules), and hopefully lots of fun!

If you would like your child to come along, please click here to get in touch by email.

Our Mini Polo sessions are run in the Learner Pool at Pyramids, 18:30-19:30 on Wednesdays. We offer a free taster session, and if wanting to continue, it will be £25 per month.

Loads more info below, but please get in touch using the above link if you have any further questions.


What is Mini Polo?
Mini polo is entry-level sessions for kids to experience water polo, promote water confidence, core skills, fitness, teamwork, gameplay (with limited rules), and hopefully lots of fun!
Where do mini polo sessions take place?
At the Pyramids Leisure Centre, in the learner pool, max 0.9m depth water.
Does my child need to be able to swim?
Yes, we request your child is confident in the water, and as a guide… attended learn to swim lessons, and at least achieved Stage 4+.
Can my child wear a floatation device?
No, we would require them to be confident in the water, in a learner pool.
Can my child wear goggles?
No. We will be using mini polo balls for most of the session, and kids cant wear goggles when balls are in the pool.
Does mini polo replace learn to swim lesson?
No, we highly recommend your child continues swim lessons. Whilst we will help develop your child swim strength, we are not a swim school, and swim ability is a massive element of junior water polo.
Do we stay and watch?
Yes, we require an adult to arrive with your child, get them changed and onto the poolside, stay at the pool, and then collect your child from the poolside at the end of the session.
Do children need to arrive beach ready, with swim costume on under their clothes?
No, the changing rooms are now fully open and must be used before and after the mini polo session.
What do the kids play mini polo in?
Girls should wear one-piece swimming costumes.
Boys should wear swimming trunks, or jammers (ideally no boardy shorts)
No swim t-shirts or tops.
Do you supply the mini polo equipment?
Yes, we supply all the equipment for the session… hats, balls, and goals etc…
What happens when the new pool opens?
We then move to St Sidwell’s Point, with the mini polo session due to being at the same time on the same day, in the new four-lane 20m learner pool. We can’t wait for this! We will request the moveable bottom to be to a suitable depth for the age and ability of the mini polo session.
After the free taster session, what do we do?
Firstly thanks for coming. We hope you enjoyed it. If you did and would like to continue, let us know, and if not immediately, we will find you a space as soon as possible! Alternatively, if it wasn’t for you, no worries, we’re just glad you came along and gave it a go, but we would like to hear if you have any feedback, please.
We currently plan for sessions to be £25 per month, for one 1 hour session per week.
What happens when they grow out of mini polo?
One of the reasons to run mini polo is to give kids the water polo core skills and for the sessions to act as a feeder into our U13’s Water Polo squad. U13’s start at the age 9 / 10, then further to this, our club has U15, U17, Senior Ladies and Senior Men’s teams.
Are you a business or part of the Leisure centre?
No, we are Exeter Water Polo. We are a Swim England registered water polo club run entirely by volunteers. All funds raised go back into the club.