Training & Competition Swimming Kit

Training Kit   

All groups from TD1 and upwards should have the following basic kit;

FSC Club Swim hat (available from us), Water bottle, 

Goggles - a good pair of well fitting goggles are essential to prevent the clorinated water affecting the swimmers eyes.

Girls -  one peice costume NO bikini style or beach wear they are not suited to training. Better quality costumes last longer as the clorine affects the fibre in cheaper costumes.

Boys - Tight fitting swim shorts or trunks NO leisure wear. The same reasons apply to these as to the girls.

Colour - 

Other kit - such as kick boards, flippers will be required as a swimmer developes

Competiton Kit

For beginners competiting in their first events they will need; 

 An FSC Club Hat, a water bottle, an all black or black and yellow swim suit (girls) or shorts (boys) as detailed above, a black T shirt to wear when not swimming.

For all Squad members they will need;

An FSC Club Hat,  a water bottle, All black swim suit or shorts, FSC logo shirt.