Joining a swim club and suddenly being blasted with swimming lingo and expectations can be daunting, especially if you have no previous experience of the swimming world.  The following pages will give you some of the key information about our club we think you need, as well as an understanding of our processes and procedures:

Who's Who 

It does what it says on the tin.  A quick summary of our lead Session and Squad coaches, as well as key members of our swim club family.

Training Info

Summarises the current training schedules for all our Sessions and Squads.  As we transition in to the new pool that is part of Inverurie Community Campus this may well change, so please keep your eyes open.

Swimmer Info

The go-to spot for all your Eligibility Reports, Meet Information and Acceptances, as well as STO lists.


Not sure how the sign up process works?  Attending your first meet and you don't have a scooby?  This is the page for you.


Now that you're ready to volunteer, find out where and how.


Those big blue onesies are pretty trendy, not to mention the hoodies that you see everywhere.  Find out where to get them from, as well double checking the different kit needed for the different sessions and squads.

Club Achievements

Our Club Championships and Presentation evening is in November.  This is where you'll discover our annual winners.


Basically every piece of information you could ever want to know about our club, including our Information Pack, Codes of Conducts, and SwiMark required policies and procedures.

Other Useful Links

Every other useful link outside of our club!