Meet Calendar

All our meets will be announced on our Noticeboard and displayed on our Events Calendar.

*** Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all scheduled meet have been cancelled for the forseeable future ***


Signing up to Meets

The meet entry process can be complicated and not altogether intuitive to new members and their parents.  To provide clarity, the steps to this process have been laid out in the following document:

Meet Entry Process


Paying for Meets

Entry fees apply to an individual event that your child swims within a meet.  For example, of your child is swimming four races at a meet you will have to pay four times the entry fee.  The entry fee differs from meet to meet and are detailed within each Meet Information document issued by the host club.  These can be found on or

Fees should be paid when our child signs up for the meet.  Once you have 'signed up' (by initialling the eligibility report) you must pay the fees.  Even if you withdraw after signing up you are still responsible for payment.  Any swims not accepted will be credited back to your account.

Fees should be paid into the Competition Account - if you do not have these details please email Rod Douglas.  Once paid, an email should also be sent to Rod detailing the amount you have paid into the account and the date paid in.  Rod will email you monthly statements from your Competition Account, and will also let you know every time a fee has been added to your competition Aaccount.


I've never been to a meet before - how do I know what to do?

We realise going to a meet the first (few!) times can be quite intimidating so have put together a First Time Competitors Pack with information for both swimmers and parents.  Please have a read of this, and please ask any many questions as you like to other parents who are going / have more experience!

First Time Competitors Pack