Who's Who

GASC is run by unpaid volunteer coaches, teachers, technical officials, committee members etc, and it is only with these volutneers that the club is able to function.  Swimmer's parents / guardians are expected to help in some capacity, be it assisting with fundraising, being a member of the Management Committee, helping with administrative tasks, organising or providing support in whatever capacity.  Any support in whatever form is greatly appreciated by the club and its members.  Below are some of the key members that you may see or hear from in our team.

If you are interested in helping out in any capacity, please get in touch with the club secretary on [email protected].

Lead Coaches
Richard McLaughlin Head Coach and Squads 3-5
Craig Tetlow Squads 1-2 Coach
Amanda Tweedie Development Coach
Steven Hazlerigg Session 3 Coach
Michael Whitcombe Session 1-2 and SwimFit Coach
Roddy Hall Land Training Coach
Key Members
Iain Chirnside President
Alison MacDonald Vice President
Jane Boddie Treasurer
Sonia Boyd Secretary
James Moore Meet Secretary
Laura Rainnie Parent Group (PHG)
Alyson West Sponsorship/Fundraising Coordinator
Karen Simpson Wellbeing & Protection Officer
Debbie Mitchell STO Coordinator
Martin Misovic Webmaster
Fiona Chirnside Trophy Master
Jane Boddie Competition Fees
James Moore Lead COVID Officer