SI Children Policies

The Swim Ireland Child Policy and related documents aim to provide child safety information in a clear and concise manner so that we can all understand and follow the necessary procedures to ensure the welfare of children always.




The SI Safeguarding Policy and related procedures can be found below:

1. SI Safeguarding Children Policies and Procedures 2010: link

2. SI Code of Conducts must be signed each year and returned to: [email protected]

Overview of the Code: link

Pease select the appropriate Code of Conducts: Swimmers,   Parents,   Coaches,   Committee and Leaders

3. SI 'Getting our heads together: guidance for well-being in young people':  link

4. SI Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure: link

5. SI Anti-Bullying Policy: link

6. SI Anti-Bullying Promise: link

7. SI Communication Policy: link

8. SI/GSC Data Protection/ GDPR Policy: link

9. Away Trip Policy: link

10.Safety Statement: link

11.Child Protection Statement: link

12. Risk Assessment for Glenalbyn Swimming Club: link

Facebook Posting Guidelines: link