Let Glenalbyn Give Your Swimmer 100%. Coaches have a limited amount of time each day with our swimmers. If you have a question you would like to ask of a coach, please either wait until after the session is done and the coach has time to speak with you, or send a message by email to arrange a time to speak with the coach. This ensures that coaches are able to give the necessary attention to all our swimmers.


Let Swimmers Fully Engage with Coaches. Parents are more than welcome to watch the session, but not get involved during the training timeframe. Please sit on the benches and refrain from communicating with your child or entering the deck area.


Communication is Key If you are interested in the world of swimming and would like to know more about the technique, skills, or training programs we are delivering to your swimmer, please ask your child’s coach. Our coaches are more than happy to answer questions, though they may ask you to arrange a time for the discussion rather than on pool deck if the session is busy.


Pick-Up Times. Ensure you are timely in picking up your child after practice. Parents of swimmers aged 12 and younger should be ready at the time which training finishes. Older swimmers may make arrangements to meet parents outside at a predesignated area of the car park.