Expectations for Training


Swimmers Arrive On Time  Every minute counts! Coaches will have planned the session down to the minute and everything is important for our swimmers’ improvement.


Be Prepared Make sure you have all your training equipment with you at every session. The only uniform component we require at training is the Glenalbyn team cap. Wear this cap with pride!


Be a Supportive Teammate Your fellow teammates are one of the most important parts of your swimming experience. Treat each other as you would like to be treated: praise and congratulate them on their achievements; motivate them when they need your support. We are stronger together.


Communicate with your coaches. Let them know if you have a medical reason to modify your session due to injury or sickness. Your coaches cannot read your mind but they will be happy to modify your session as deemed necessary.


Respect Your Coaches. Your coaches have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they want to pass on to you in order to help make you the best swimmer, athlete, and person you can be. Your coaches use their time to thoughtfully plan your sessions in advance, and think of tens of different ways to deliver feedback that will make you a better swimmer. Rather than trying to negotiate a different set from the one your coaches have planned for you, remember that your coaches have already thought of your overall season plan, the work you have done in recent times, upcoming meets, and the many other ways to formulate your session.


Be Honest. If you are having trouble getting motivated for a set, let your coaches know. If your coaches think you need their expert advice, they will be more than happy to give it and help you get motivated again