Membership Fees

Swim England Membership

New Swim England membership Category for 2023

From 2023. membership category names will change from Catagories one,two and three to

Club Train, Club Compete and Club Support

Club Train: Swim England membership is for people learning to swim or swimming

but do not complete in open competitions (only allows you to compete in low level Competitions (Level 4)

Club Compete: Swim England membership this is for members from 9 years who want to

compete in open competitions up to National Standard (Level 1,2,3)


 1st January 2023

 Club Train


 Club Compete


 Click here to view Gala’s explained regarding the ASA categories 

Annual Fees


 1st April 2022

 First Child         


 2nd Child                         


 3rd Child & more


 Masters Squad (Adults 18yrs above)


Monthly Fees

Monthly training subscriptions become due for payment on the 1st day of each month via Standing Order.

Fees not paid, in part or full 30 days after the due date will be deemed late. This may lead to suspension from the club unitl resolved. This includes all fees, monthly, annual, and competition fees.

Subscriptions are payable whether or not the member uses the facilities.

Subscriptions can be waived only in the following circumstances:

  • Medical reasons supported by certificate, for period of one month or more.
  • ​Attendance at a place of further education away from home, subject to Committee approval

The monthly fee due is dependent on the swimming group, as detailed in the table below (as amended for Feb 2023)


 Fee from 01 Feb 2023







 Youth & Development


 Performance 2


 Performance 1


 University swimmers

 Pay as you go (To be reviewed  for 2023)