Hornets Teaching Groups


The Hailsham Hornets have traditionally be associated with both the Stroke and Stamina Squads within Hailsham Swimming Club. 

Stamina Squad

The Stamina Squad includes swimmers who are primarily developing their stamina, progressing to a level where they can swim efficiently and effectively for a long period. They show enthusiasm to develop their swimming technique and skills. 

Summary of Aims/Objectives:

(1)     To develop the stamina of swimmers
(2)     To encourage participation in club championships and galas
(3)     To develop understanding of stroke technique
(4)     Progress within the swimming club

Stroke Squad

The Stroke Squad contains swimmers who have met the assessment requirement for the Club. The key aim is to introduce effective technique for all strokes, and to improve the swimmer’s efficiency within the water. 

Summary of Aims/Objectives

(1)     To develop effective techniques on all strokes
(2)     To meet ASA Diving into water standards
(3)     To enjoy learning and developing swimming skills
(4)     Progress within the swimming club 

Swim assessments for the Stroke Squad will be undertaken once a month from September 2023. For more information, including swim assessment dates, please go to the Swim Assessment page


Hornets Groups Criteria & Assessment Records

To ensure that swimmers are progressing at their own pace targets can be set with your squad leader or the Head Coach. All swimmers will have to meet the required standard in the attached criteria before progressing into the next group.

Hornets Swimmers time record sheet

This sheet enables you to log all your personal best times on one summary sheet.

Hornets Swimmers time record book

This booklet contains information about the ASA Award scheme, and useful links for competitive swimmers. There are record sheets within the book to keep a log of all the race times achieved. Print off your own copy, or the additional pages as and when required.