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Introduction to Hillingdon Borough Elite Squad  - HBEST

Hillingdon Borough Elite Squad- HBEST provides training for swimmers who have been identified by Coaches as capable of training and competing at a higher level. The structure of the squads reflects the Swim21 and Long Term Athlete Development Plan (LTAD).

HBEST sessions are all based at Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Complex, where we have access to the 50 metre pool that was opened in 2010.

HBEST provides young swimmers with the environment to develop towards their full potential as an athlete. Here, swimmers are exposed to the knowledge, skills and experiences that will help them to enjoy success at the highest level with swimming.

Swimmers begin in HBEST with our Elite 3 Squad, before moving through the Elite 2 Squads with the ultimate aim of training with the Elite 1 Squads.

HBEST is able to boast a history of success at all levels, including County, Regional, National and International.


HBEST Coaching Team

John Adye

John Adye

Head Coach



Elite 1 Gold, Elite 1 Silver

Damien Bryan

Damien Bryan

Assistant Head Coach



Elite 2 Gold, Elite 3

Anthony Manfredi

Anthony Manfredi

Junior Elite Coach



Elite 1 Silver, Elite 2 Silver


Club Captain

Mitrchell Adams

Mitchell Adams

Club Captain


Mitchell has been a valued member of Hillingdon Swimming Club since the age of 10. He has competed at County, Regional and National level as an individual and also as part of relay teams.

Mitchell has continued to show consistency in training and has become a key role model for the current Performance Squad. Mitchell is the first to welcome new swimmers to the squad and help them settle in and always leads by example.

He has lots to offer swimmers throughout the whole club from his experiences in training and competition at all levels.

Captain's Roles & Responsibilites

Assist Coaches when necessary in training and at competitions

Assist with communication between swimmers & coaches

Help to educate and mentor younger swimmers

Responsible for team support at competitions



Pre-Pool workout for Elite 2 and Elite 3

Pre-Pool Elite 2

Pre-Pool Elite 3



Elite Squad Reps

The Squad Reps and their contact details can be found on the Squad Reps Contact page.



National Squad 2019



National Squad 2018


National Squad 2017


National Squad 2016



National Squad 2015



Hillingdon Elite Training Camp

During the February Half Term Hillingdon SC saw a team of 37 swimmers, 3 coaches and 2 Team Managers travel out to Paphos in Cyprus for a warm weather training camp.

The team stayed at the fabulous Aliathon Holiday Village with the training pool being a short 10 minute walk. Each day saw the team get through two training sessions; 8am-10am and 2pm-4pm with swimmers split into teams professionally and maturely managing their pre and post pool routines under the guidance of the coaches and our club physio – Susan de Jager.

After sessions the team were able to fully recover in no small part to the large and nutritious range of food on offer at all meal times with the excellent and conscientious staff willing to meet the varied needs of our large party while also looking after a number of other sports teams that were staying on site.

The team returned back to Hillingdon and now look forward to reaping the benefits of a great weeks training and stay at the Aliathon Holiday Village.