Early Performance Squad Entry Criteria

Information on criteria used for squad selection

Squads are usually selected on 1st September however the HST Lead Performance Development Coach, in liaison with the Home club lead coach, can make selections at other times with a 6 monthly review the norm.

You must be an active and committed member of a Highland Swim Team Home Club and applications can only be submitted by the club coach.

Early Performance Squad

Squad description:

This is the beginning of a formal development of performance training. Each athlete will be subject to a yearly review and be expected to maintain their diet of training over a weekly basis. It is expected that each athlete who is part of this squad understands the criteria expected of them within the squad and adheres to it.

The major competitive focus for athletes within this squad will be the district meets throughout the year and working towards eligibility for the National Age Groups in April.

Squad timetable:

Training availability for an athlete within this squad will be at the following times at the Inverness Aquadome:

Early Performance Squad Training Times





05:45 - 07:30




18:00 - 20:15


05:45 - 07:30




16:00 - 18:00

*             Each athlete will have their own timetable of session attendance dependant on stage of development and location

**           Failure to adhere to a minimal of 80% attendance of their timetable without just cause (illness, injury or exams) will call for a review of their squad status.

***        Each session an athlete does not attend, notification, FROM THE ATHLETE, must be given to the coach as to why attendance is not adhered or it will be marked as an unauthorised absence.

Squad criteria:

To gain CONSIDERATION for the squad an athlete must complete the following:

Psychological attributes:

  1. Have completed the growth/team mindset questionnaire in liaison with their home coach.
  2. Show commitment to training by trying their best within every session.
  3. Be honest and mature when dealing with constructive criticism.
  4. Plan goals for the season in conjunction with PDC and lead coach of home club.
  5. Focus on skill elements within the session and adhere to stroke cycle targets per session.
  6. Be responsible, accountable and take ownership of their training.

Teamwork attributes:

  1. Regularly cheer on teammates at competitions.
  2. Be a good team player be listening to team captains; adhering to team goals; and taking part in any team activities.
  3. Show exemplary behaviour in keeping with the code of conduct.
  4. Complete all meterage of a session, if called upon, for other teammates.
  5. Complete competition pre-pool warm ups, pool warm ups and pool swim downs (if applicable) at every competition.

Technical attributes:

5 of the following:

  • 6 x 200m front crawl on a turnaround of 3 minutes 30 seconds maintaining 8 cycles per length.
  • 8 x 100m back crawl on a turnaround of 1 minutes 50 seconds maintaining 8 cycles per length
  • 8 x 50m butterfly on a turnaround of 1 minute 15 seconds maintaining 9 cycles per length
  • 8 x 75m breaststroke on a turnaround of 1 min 45 seconds maintaining 9 cycles per length
  • 2 x 400m individual medley on a turnaround of 8 minutes 15 seconds maintaining legal turns and two butterfly kicks off of each wall, where appropriate.

Time standards:

Must complete 1 x 200m kick of any kind in under 4 minutes 30 seconds

4 of the following:

  • Complete 1 x 50m Frontcrawl in under 34s
  • Complete 1 x 50m Backcrawl in under 37s
  • Complete 1 x 50m Breaststroke in under 42s
  • Complete 1 x 50m Butterfly in under 36s
  • Complete 1 x 25m Frontcrawl in under 16s
  • Complete 1 x 25m no Frontcrawl in under 18s

* Times are subject to change on an annual basis. New standards for following August will be published in November of year previous.

Special considerations:

  • Eligibility will be measured on the psychological, teamwork and mindset standard. If an athlete does not maintain a high standard in these attributes failure to be allowed entry into squad will occur.
  • Consideration time standards will only come into effect if psychological, team work and mindset attributes are of a high standard.
  • Age should be limited to 14 years of age for females and 15 years of age for males, after which it is expected an athlete will have made eligibility for “Performance” squad.
  • Athletes who fail to make time standard may be allowed entry to the squad, if the PDC feels it will benefit the team psychology, team dynamics or mindset.
  • All moves are subject to the discretion of the PDC.

Review / Exit strategy

  • Each athlete will be subject to a formal review on a yearly basis (every August) and a smaller informal review every 3-4 months.
  • Any athlete who fails to maintain standards of group will be subject to a 6 months temporary membership to raise standard.
  • If any athlete, upon completion of temporary membership, fails to reach the squad standard, the athlete in question will be removed from the squad and, if eligible for another squad, placed accordingly. If no suitable squad standard can be found by the PDC, the athlete will be asked to return to their home program for their full training program.

Once accepted into the Early Performance squad you must sign your training agreement and train with HST on a regular basis.
Your training agreement is structured to suit each club.