About Us

Inverclyde Amateur Swimming Club is committed to providing the resources for any child to attain their potential within a friendly and supportive environment


The Club's aim is not to produce champions, but to create an environment in which Champions are inevitable.

We were formed in 1978 from two clubs who had had a long history of success within the GB and Scottish swim scene.  The two clubs involved were the Greenock ASC (founded in 1964) and the Port Glasgow Baths ASC (founded in the early 1900’s).  This success has included both national Championships and representatives within the National Team. The Club has continued to work extremely hard in maintaining a quality service, in terms of teaching both water skills and water safety to the children within the local community it serves. The Club Management Committee and coaches continue to strive to enhance the club within Inverclyde and the surrounding areas.


In 2016 the club was awarded SwiMark Plus status, Scottish Swimming’s highest level of club accreditation.