Back to the Water

Clare Beck

We’re back! After 170 long days, IASC got #backtothewater this week with a splash. With the Waterfront pool in Greenock opening on Monday, we’ve been able to get all of our squads in for at least one training session.

As every swimming club knows, there’s been a huge amount of work to get to this point. We’ve all been on a huge learning curve and had to become experts in risk assessments, COVID symptoms and COVID prevention measures.

This week, there’s been excitement, nerves and a few bumps along the way, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re just so grateful to be back. The focus is on fitness and fun: building up aerobic capacity and just remembering the pure enjoyment of swimming. One swimmer jumped out of the pool and excitedly said “It feels so good to tumble turn again!” That’s exactly the response we were aiming for!

We want to extend our thanks to the lifeguards and the pool team at Inverclyde Leisure who’ve worked with us to help make the new normal as easy as possible. Running sessions on a beach ready basis isn’t always easy, and the team have been proactive and helpful every day. We look forward to working with them even more, as more pool time becomes available.

Lastly, we need to say a huge thank you to our volunteer COVID Liaison Officers. This small team have undergone training and are giving up hours of their own time each week to ensure the sessions are able to run. Quite simply, without their support no-one would be able to train. Thank you.

Good luck to all our fellow clubs who make their return this week. And for all the clubs who are still waiting: we promise it’s worth the wait.


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