Welcome back mini league!

Clare Beck

Meet our mini league team – class of 2020! It’s the eve of our first match of the new season and we couldn’t be more excited!

Aimed at swimmers aged 11 and under, mini league is one of the noisiest and most exciting competitions you will ever find. For the uninitiated, clubs compete in three rounds to try and earn a spot in the final in June. Swimmers compete in age groups in both individual and relay swims.

In the last couple of years we’ve finished in a brilliant third place, behind the much bigger clubs of Ren 96 and City of Glasgow. The coaches will be hoping to match that success this year – but the first job is to secure our place in the final.

Our first match (which is actually our second round – don’t ask!) takes place this Saturday against hosts Kilmarnock, Rutherglen and Dumfries. Our next match will be against Ren 96, Kintyre and Kingston and our final round sees us take on Dunoon, Renfrew Baths and Scotia. Qualifying for the final will be tough, and every point will count.

Being picked for the mini league squad is a big honour. For some, it will be their first competition outside of the club. Dedicated training has been ongoing since the start of the year to practice the key skills of dives, turns and relay takeovers.

Mini league is one of the few galas where we compete as a team and there’s no doubt it brings out the best in the youngsters. The atmosphere at a mini league tie is incredible – there really is nothing else like it. Everyone wants to do their best for the club and brings their A-game. Team spirit is already buzzing and that’s got a lot to do with our coaches. They always make sure training is fun and exciting, as well as hard work!

Good luck to all our swimmers, coaches, officials and spectators: let’s get our awesome T-shirts and our singing voices ready!