Swimmer of the Month - February, March & April

Clare Beck

It’s been seven weeks since the pools were closed, but our swimmers haven’t stopped working hard on the things they can control and it’s important that we continue to recognise their efforts with our Swimmer of the Month award. The winners for February, March and April are Adam Brooks, Eilidh Melrose and Lucie Sweeney.

Adam takes the award for February. Adam went through a growth spurt and struggled for a while to get his feel for the water. He persevered to overcome this, and through his hard work and commitment – as well as taking on the coaches feedback – he was starting to reap the benefits with improved technique and great performances.

Eilidh takes the award for March. Prior to the pools closing and competitions being halted, Eilidh was turning in some great performances – particularly when swimming up an age group in the Mini League relays. Eilidh always shows a positive attitude and great commitment and has fantastic team spirit.

Lucie takes the award for April. Lucie has attended every online HIIT session run by the club. She is always logged in early, is well prepared and does a proper warm up. Throughout the sessions it’s been clear to the coaches that she is working really hard and showing great effort.

All three swimmers show the resilience, perseverance and commitment everyone in the sport needs right now, and we can’t wait to get them back in the water. Well done everyone!

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