Viking Swim Club

Parents are required to provide supervision as part of the swimmers membership of the club. Parents are required to be on the pool bank when scheduled. This is a Swim Ireland, Safeguarding and COVID requirement. In the event that no parent is available for pool bank duty, the session will be canceled. As such it is every parents responsibility to ensure that the session will go ahead before leaving the pool.

It is your responsibility to arrange a replacement in the event that you cannot cover a session.

The schedule is arranged in advance and changes can only be made with significant notice to the committee.

The duty parent should:

  • Arrive at the pool at least 15 minutes before the session start time.
  • Position themselves in the immediate vicinity of the pool so that they can hear/see the session.
  • Sign the log book at the end of the session.

The calendar for duties is in Calendar on the website under General.

COVID-19 Officer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Remain up to date with all COVID-19 advice/protocols
  • Oversee the club session and promote good practice to ensure compliance to the Swim Irelandcodes of conduct including additional COVID-19 requirements as relevant
  • Attend Swim Ireland COVID-19 Officer training in protocols relevant to the COVID-19  health andsafety requirements
  • Remind members of protocols where necessary
  • Report incidents of non-compliance to Person in Charge of training session or to the Lead COVID-19Officer
  • Liaise with relevant individuals to ensure that attendance records of individuals attending clubactivities are being kept for contact tracing purposes
  • Communicate to Lead COVID-19 Officer any concerns raised by members regardingclub/facility protocols


From Saturday October 10 2020 PoD will need to use the Covid tracker web application to check swimmers attending the pool. Links to this are on the home page. Please see Club FAQs for login details.