Complaints & Discipline Procedures:

The Executive Committee shall be empowered to take disciplinary action against any Member who is found to be in breach of the Rules and Code of Conduct of the Club. In the event of a complaint being made to the Club in respect of any matter which would be deemed to contravene the Rules and Code of Conduct of the Club, the following Grievance and Disciplinary procedures shall be followed :-

(a) Grievance Procedure
A complaint may relate to a personal grievance, a collective grievance or an alleged breach of Wexford Swimming Club Code of Conduct (including bullying) or other serious matter. A separate set of procedures is in place for dealing with concerns relating to child protection and can be found under the Safeguarding Policy.

(b) Raising an issue informally
It is anticipated that most issues can be resolved at local level between the parties involved, i.e. between members themselves, with the coaches and leaders or the appropriate member of the committee. The sooner an issue is raised informally the better as it can often be resolved quickly and in a low key manner. This is the case also when a person feels they are being subject to repeated behaviour that is an affront to their dignity. However, where this is not possible or appropriate or where such an approach fails to address the matter satisfactorily, the formal complaints procedure should be followed.

(c) Formal Grievances
A formal complaint should be sent to the Club Secretary or the Club Welfare Officer in writing setting out the issue and the relevant details. The complaint should identify any efforts (if appropriate) that were made to try and resolve the matter at a local level. Complaints relating to another Swimmer, Coach, Leader or officer that allege a breach of Wexford Swimming Club code of conduct or other serious matter that could potentially lead to disciplinary action will be dealt with under the disciplinary procedure. Please see  Swim Ireland Complaints and Discipline procedure document

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