Wexford Swimming Club Information Sheet 2023/2024 Season

C Squad


Training Times – 4 hours per week

Tuesday, Thursday                                          6 to 8pm


Club to Parent Communication

Website: www.wexfordswimmingclub.ie                                         C squad WhatsApp group

Facebook: Wexford Swimming Club                                                    Email and OnDeck app

Club notice board in the pool

On these you will find the training calendar, parents’ supervision rota, details of upcoming events, gala results, club contact, details and general club information.


Club Fees

Fees for the season are charged in ten equal instalments between September and June


Fees can be paid directly into our bank account. No Cash will be accepted.

Bank Account: 30754509        Sort Code: 990639          IBAN: IE49IPBS99063930754509       BIC: IPBSIE2D

Note: please use your child's name when making payments


Registration fee: €70                                                     Due for payment by 31st August each year

Monthly payments of €80.00 payable on the 1st of each month.


Training fees are incremented based on the squad the child attends.

Membership fees must be paid whether a child attends all their sessions or not.

A family discount will be subtracted from the final instalment as follows:

€60 for second and subsequent children in A, A1, B and C Squads and €20 for D squad

Swimmers leaving during the year are required to give 1 month notice to club. Fees will apply during this period.

Gala Fees are separate and appear on your OnDeck account.


Pool Sessions and Gear

All swimmers must have Swim Hat, Goggles, Suitable Swimwear (Jammers, swim suits must be worn, no board shorts), Flip-flops and water bottle (preferably water over fizzy drinks), Float, Pull Buoy, Fins and Hand Paddles. The pool policy is no hat no swim, we recommend silicone hats as cloth hats are not suitable.


Changing room lockers must be used, please bring a €1 to sessions for the lockers.

All equipment should be brought onto the deck for use during training & be clearly marked with member’s name.


Parent On Duty (POD) supervision sessions are compulsory. Supervisors must take attendance. If you cannot make it, you must find a replacement or the session will be cancelled. Parents are responsible for their children until they arrive on deck and should remind their children that only appropriate behaviour is acceptable in the dressing rooms. Parent must be familiar with the parent code of conduct which they sign. Parents should be prompt in collecting their children as no supervision is provided once the session ends. Parents should be available to collect their swimmer quickly if called to collect their child. We encourage parents to watch the training sessions from the gallery in the pool.



Upcoming gala details will be available on the website, on OnDeck and via WhatsApp messages. Swimmers will be notified of suitable galas to attend. Parents of competitive swimmers will be required to take an officials course. These are shared via the WhatsApp group. Age on 31-12-current year for all galas except Schools galas 31-8.

Club Hat and Club T-shirt must be worn at galas.