Volunteering with Kettering Amateur Swimming Club



You’re probably reading this to find out a bit more about volunteering with Kettering Amateur Swimming Club – welcome. Kettering Amateur Swimming Club currently boasts circa 240 swimmers ranging from those just setting out in competing to our Masters who have been swimming for a very long time. We rely on volunteers for the smooth running of our club, and are so grateful for all who volunteer with us. We recognise it’s a commitment in its own right, and when life is busy we are especially thankful for the time, skills and experience our volunteers give to the club. We’re run by a Chair-led committee, and well supported by Swim England (formerly The Amateur Swimming Association). We’re always on the lookout for new volunteers, whether you’re new to Kettering Amateur Swimming Club, or been associated with us for a while we’d love to hear from you about how you might be able to help. We’ll also keep you up to date with our specific volunteer needs too. For any additional information you can get in touch with Candice Naughton, our Volunteer Co-ordinator, or to discuss a volunteer role that sits on the committee you can also get in touch with the Chair, Chris Bielby.

Non-committee volunteering:

Can you handle a stopwatch? How about a clipboard? We’re always looking to boost our numbers of ‘officials’. Whilst that sounds a little daunting, especially if you’re new to swimming, it’s easy to learn just a little bit about what happens poolside. Learning is practical and simple enough, and at a time that suits you. Once you’ve mastered using a stopwatch you can progress to other officiating activities or you can remain a timekeeper. Being an official in training with a view to qualifying means you’re poolside during competitions. You’ll get free entry, refreshments, and best of all you’ll be part of the amazing team atmosphere as our swimmers look to both improve on their last best time, and compete with the clubs around them. The swimmers’ enthusiasm is catching and being poolside is an incredibly different experience to spectating. If donning whites and a whistle is not your thing, why not find out about what it means to wear our team colour red and assist poolside making sure swimmers are in the right place at the right time? Again, all you need is the ability to handle a clipboard and a list of swimmers. There are always folks around who make it a real team effort, so even if it’s your first time and you feel like a duck out of water don’t worry, you’ll soon learn the ropes. Maybe you’ve been involved with swimming before and actually you’d like to develop our swimmers by joining our coaching or teaching bank – we’d love to talk to you about what’s required these days. And finally, we also need people to help us out in all sorts of other ways too, from making cakes and refreshments to running the medals table at club champs, organising the PA and music, or the sweets table and raffle. Whatever your skills, and whether you can spare us a couple of hours or a couple of days we’d love to speak to you about supporting KASC. We look forward to hearing from you!