Picture of one of our academy swimmers


KASC Academy

The KASC Academy is made up of 4 squads that are designed around the latter stages of Swim England’s Learn To Swim Pathway.

Each stage of the pathway has a certain number of outcomes that a swimmer must achieve before moving on to the next stage.

The squads will be under continual assessment and therefore swimmers will move up when they have passed all relevant outcomes of that stage (space permitting).

As swimmers progress through the stages then will have the opportunity to purchase the relevant certificate and badge and they will receive a free hat for each new group (of the corresponding colour).

Please see below for a brief outline as to what each stage will involve and the corresponding hat colours:

Academy – working on developing and maintaining good technique in all 4 strokes over 25m, completing longer distances (e.g. 50m & 100m) and skills such as treading water and sitting dives. Purple hats.

Development 8 – working on kicking (25m) for each stroke, sets on turn-around times (totalling 200m) and turns for each stroke. Navy Blue hats.

Development 9 – working on starts for all 4 strokes, 100m IM swims and sets on turn-around times (totalling 400m). Dark Green hats.

Development 10 – working on 100m IM kicks, sets on turn-around times (totalling 800m), relay take-overs and underwater streamlining. Black hats.

Swimmers will move through the stages and once they have completed Development 10 then they will be offered a place in our Competitive 1 squad