Image showing two swimmers

Junior squads

The Junior Squad comprises of Competitive 1 & 2 squads and is under the control of the Junior Head Coach. As the swimmer progresses they will move up through the squads. 

The club carries out squad reviews every 3-4 months. Swimmers are assessed by coaches against the criteria set out for each squad over several weeks. Coaches will then decide if any swimmers meet the criteria to progress to the next squad. Parents/guardians will be informed via email if coaches are recommending that their child moves up. All the relevant information (e.g. training schedule and fees) will be provided along with an agreement form. Dates will be given as to when a decision must be made by as to whether they would like to accept the move and when the move will take place. If accepting the move then the agreement form must be returned to coaches before the swimmer can attend training sessions with their new squad.