Membership Fee Increase Nov 23

Club Treasurer

Fees Increase


The cost of living crisis has impacted many over the last year and as a club we have been in the fortunate position that we have not had to raise fees until now. The club has refrained from increasing fees for as long as possible however we are currently running at a monthly deficit of around £800 and using up reserves. We have tried to reduce the deficit in a number of ways prior to a fee increase such as by increasing swimmer numbers in the club which has been largely successful and raising funds in other ways.


Pool hire costs make up the largest portion of costs for the club and in the past 3 months these have risen substantially. Our Glasgow Life pool hire costs alone have risen by 50%. We would encourage members to write to your local elected officials to complain and the committee is actively doing this too, however due to the tight council budgets we cannot expect this to change any time soon.


To maintain the sustainability of the club a vote was taken at the latest committee meeting and it was decided that the current fees are to be increased by £5 per swimmer per month starting on the 1st of November 2023.


New fees as of 1st November 2023

Teaching Pool £40

Boom Pool £40

Junior Club £40

Junior Performance £50

Senior Club £50

Senior Performance £50


These fees will automatically be taken if paying by card through Team Unify.


If these new fees put you in a place of financial hardship or you would like further information please email either myself ([email protected]) or the club Chair,  Iona ([email protected]). 


We are always looking for any assistance raising funds for the club, we have had recent success securing grants to fund the Kingstonian Initiative, and we are also fundraising with the Swim the Channel event coming soon and Kiltwalk events in recent years. Please look out for details of another way the club is looking to raise funds which will be released shortly (the good news with this one is it doesn’t cost you anything). We would encourage all members to let us know if they are aware of any funding opportunities including corporate sponsorship (


Your assistance is always greatly appreciated as we continue to do great things at Kingston. 




Kenneth McBeath

Club Treasurer

Kingston ASC