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Masters Swimming

Kent Weald Swim Squad believes in giving the best experience to all swimmers regardless of age and ability. Masters swimming is for swimmers over 18 years old. Masters competitions are organized in five-year age bands from: 25-29 and upwards. All masters competitions include a senior age group 18-24 years old which is designed to help you continue your swimming career and enjoyment of the sport.


Why join Kent Weald masters?

Our master’s swimmers enter competitions ranging from local to British, European and World championships. By entering our competitions as a Kent weald swimmer you will be included in a larger team increasing the feeling of comradery and inclusion.

We aim to bring kent swimmers together in relay teams which are highly competitive.

Further advantages of joining are:

  • Swimmers from teams that cannot put relay teams together now can.
  • Swimmers who want to increase their training.
  • For swimmers wanting to travel to major events, we offer discounts against the cost of travel and hotels.



Medal positions at regionals, nationals, Europeans and Worlds.

Swim to win.

Swim to compete.

Swim to include.

Kent’s premier club in top competitions.



At regional level, we achieved a great result with 103 medals in 2019 and 7 event best performance times.

For national level, our swimmers gained 54 medals.

Kent Weald masters hold proudly two British records.



If you are a Kent swimmer and already a member of a Kent club, it is free to join. If you would like to join Kent Weald directly membership is £60 which includes your Cat 2 Swim England Membership.

Cost of amount of money for relay teams are spilt between the four swimmers.


Further Questions to :



Glen Isaacs: [email protected]