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The Club

When you first join Long Eaton Swimming Club, you will be asked to fill in our forms and to be registered with Swim England. For swimmers under 18, we require a parent member or legal guardian to be registered too. 

Why does a parent or guardian need to join?

As with most children’s sporting activities the individuals involved in teaching, coaching, and running events are generally the parents.By requesting parent/ guardian membership, the club and Swim England are ensuring that the volunteer workforce is available to support the safe and effective running of the club and associated activities. DAB checks are made for any adult working with our under 18 members.

Why Swim England?

Swim England are our governing body and this is a requirement of our affiliation and membership. As part of our joining process, you will receive information to help you complete the registration online. You will need to catagorise the level of your Swim England mebership, this just helps define the involvement in the club.

Keeping you informed

Communication is an important part of being with the club, it allows us to keep you informed of important news from fun activities, members success and more. The coaches will use email, team feed and tools within the website and, once a member, you have will access to this information. The website and our App's allow you to track progress, manage profiles, find information and keep up to date.

Click here for further information about being a new member or, contact our membership secretary: