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Completing Membership Forms

In order to join, you will need to fill in a Long Eaton Swimming Club Membership Form : one copy of each form must be completed for each person joining the club. 

Members will also need to be registered with Swim England, this can be done online.

For swimmers under the age of 18, the club require a parent member or legal guardian to join as well.

At the point of filling in forms, our membership secretary will guide you through the process.

Swim England Membership

Swim England are our governing body and this is a requirement of our affiliation and membership.
Our membership secretary will email you the link to complete these forms online and guide you through the process.

The Swim England membership will ask about catagories, this just helps the understanding of the membership requirement.

For this club, the catagories are:
  o  Little Sharks and non competing swimmers will need to join as Club Train
  o  Swimmers who will be competing in galas will need to join as Club Compete
  o  Non swimming parents should join as Club Support

Progressing through the club

As a club we cater for all swimmers of all abilities and try to find an appropriate place for all swimmers to train.


If appropriate, the beginning of the journey is with Little sharks otherwise, a suitable squad will be chosen based on ability. Find more about Little Sharks here.

Progression through the squads is based on meeting the consideration times for each squad and also the swimmers ability, age, attitude, attendance and technique.There are a cycle of tests done throughout the year, attendence is registered and the coaches will regularly discuss the swimmers progress.     

All the information on events, social or otherwise is posted through the web pages or, through emails. Click here to see our up and coming events, click on squads to find the timetable or, have any questions, contact our membership secretary: [email protected]



Club Privacy Statement for members can be found here






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