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  Croydon Amphibians' teamwear supplier is Swimzi

  The club shop is open until midnight Sunday 9th July 2023




Required Training Kit List

  • Swimmers should obtain a full training kit and should ensure that each individual component is clearly marked with the swimmers name

  • The training kit should be carried in an appropriate bag which allows the components to air dry after use.

  • Swimmers must arrive with the training kit pre-adjusted for a good fit and in good working order prior to the start of each session.



We have provided some examples of the various types of equipment to allow swift selection and purchase, but please be aware that ProSwimwear provide a wide selection of products and by following the menu links at the head of this webpage, you may find alternatives which may suit your needs, colour-preference or budget better.

ProSwimwear provide a massive selection of training and competition swimwear and accessories, so once you have obtained a full training kit, please take a look around the site for your other swimming needs.

Remember when you shop at ProSwimwear, through the Croydon Amphibian link then, CASC will receive a commission from ProSwimwear on all purchases made! Please come back and shop here regularly.

Mandatory Training Kit:

  1. Swimming costume or Jammers
  2. CASC-branded Swimming Cap
  3. Goggles (2 pairs)
  4. Kickboard
  5. Pull buoy
  6. Training Fins
  7. Training Snorkel
  8. Hand Paddles
  9. Finger Paddles
  10. Water Bottle
  11. Mesh Bag
  12. Resistance Band (Land Training & Warm-up)
  13. Skipping Rope (Land Training & Warm-up)

Competition / Gala Kit:

  1. Racing Costume or Jammers
  2. CASC-branded Swimming Hat 
  3. Poolside team t-shirt (MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHEN NOT RACING)
  4. Goggles (2 Pairs)
  5. Water Bottles (2 preferable)
  6. Towels (2 – one for poolside and one for changing)
  7. Poolside snacks i.e. bananas, energy bars etc. (No sweets or fizzy drinks)

Most items can be found on the ProSwimwear website.