Croydon Amphibians was formed in 1979 from the amalgamation of two established and successful swimming clubs, "Croydon Ladies" and "Amphibians". Many members are still connected with the club today as coaches, parents and helpers.

Croydon Ladies Swimming Club was formed in 1891 and remained all-female until 1979. Amphibians Swimming Club was an all-male club and was formed in 1930 as an amalgamation of Old Swans SC (founded in 1890) and Dolphins SC (founded in 1885).

How Big is CASC?

There are now over 500 swimmers in an age range from 2 1/2 years old to 64+. There are 4 sections including  Swim School, Squads, Masters and Water Polo and we use a number of pools in and around the Croydon area.

Croydon Amphibians has a fully qualified and experienced coaching team across all squads. In 2019 the club sent three swimmers to Nationals.

The club also holds a number of social events and functions for all sections and ages throughout the year.

How do I join CASC?

Click here to contact the club and one of the team will respond. Your child will be asked to attend a trial where they will be assessed.

All swimming under the management of Croydon Amphibians Swimming Club is carried out in a safe and professional environment.