PRIVACY POLICY - Your data, how we use it and who sees it

When you register to join the club, we ask for various pieces of information about you and your child(ren) - name, addresss, school and any relevant medical information about the swimmer. We also add information relating to the squad/group your child attends.

All personal data is password controlled via the Dulwich Dolphins website or via the OnDeck mobile phone app, and is access controlled, as follows:

  • Coaches can view your data as they need this in case of pool-side emergencies. They need to understand any medical issues and to have all available contact details.
  • The membership secretary can view/amend all data and they need this to administer members joining, leaving and moving squads.
  • The Competition Secretary and anyone administering gala entries have access to view personal information as they need it to know gender, date of birth, squad/group and ASA status. If a new volunteer is recruited for these purposes, they are only given access for the time that they volunteer and no longer.
  • The Club Kit Coordinator can view personal information as she needs it to make deliveries and create/change charges for purchases.

When you sign up to the GoCardless direct debit facility (which is a requirement for joining the club), you need to give them your name, address and bank account details. GoCardless is a separate entity to Dulwich Dolphins and their privacy policy is communicated to you directly by them. However, Dulwich Dolphins administrators who have access to the goCardless portal (only the Membership Secretary and Treasurer) can view your email address, name and address, but they cannot see your bank account number or sort code. We do not have access to change any details you have entered, but immediately after you have created it, we add a code that links it to your Dulwich Dolphins account. As part of the payment processing function, we also have access to add or remove payments or delete the account.

We use member email addresses to inform you about club activities and swimming events directly related to the club's competition or social calendar. We do not use it for advertising of events/products that are not sponsored or sold by us and we do not pass your data to any outside party for advertising or marketing purposes. 

If at any time you wish to remove personal information on your Dulwich Dolphins Team Unify account, you may email the request to [email protected] so we can make arrangements to do so, whilst also ensuring the safety of the swimmers on poolside. Changes to GoCardless details can be made by logging into yourGocardless account. If you have any concerns about your data privacy, please email [email protected].