Latest winners

As of September 2019, Dulwich Dolphins are enrolled in the Jack Petchey awards scheme. The scheme is a great opportunity for the club to recognise the breadth of different types of young persons achievements within our club and we are very appreciative of the Jack Petchey Foundation for supporting our club in this way.

Details around the process are set out below and at the end there is a link for swimmers to nominate a fellow swimmer for an award.

- Both the the swimmer being nominated and the swimmer making the nomination must be a member of the club (including Academy, squads and paraswimming) and be aged 11 to 25.

- The nomination form will be received in confidence by the Dulwich Dolphins Jack Petchey committee, made up of Miranda Ludden, Simon Bedford, Tracy Palmer and Sally Morgan. They are all members of the main Dulwich Dolphins Committee and none have children that are swimmers in the club and nor are they regular coaches.

- Each winner will receive a grant of £250 to be spent on their club in a manner of their choosing. An award certificate, pin, notes from Sir Jack Petchey and a congratulations letter will be formally presented to the winners at either the winter or summer social.

- There are six winners each year; two in the Autumn and four in the summer.

The nomination is made by a fellow swimmer in the club and parents are encouraged to explain the scheme to their children and show them how to make their nomination online. The criteria for selecting your nomination are  below. The swimmer does not need to satisfy all four criteria - but you should use them as the basis for your decision.

1. RESILIENCE - The swimmer they believe has overcome a challenge but continued to swim and train when they are able.

For example:

  • May have suffered an injury
  • May have suffered a personal loss
  • Exams and or external pressures have made it harder but they are back or still swimming and training
  • A positive change in attitude

2. PASSION - The swimmer they believe demonstrates a real passion for the sport

For example:

  • Knows the thinking behind the training sets
  • Attends as many training sessions as possible
  • Has knowledge of outstanding national/international swimmers

3. SMART - The swimmer who works the smartest and works with integrity

For example:

  • Works hard when asked or needed: an A2 session or V02 Max session
  • Focuses on swimming at the coach's instructed speed and follows technical instructions during all sessions
  • Doesn’t sprint the warm up or skip the swim down
  • Doesn’t cheat themselves eg pulling on lane rope etc. 

4. TEAM PLAYER - The best team player

For example:

  • Engages with, supports and respects ALL team / club mates
  • One who pushes you to be your best; often that might not be a friend. It could be someone who you don’t like very much but you train harder or race tougher when they are in the pool.
  • Who asks how you are feeling and cares about your success
  • Respects the coaches, listens and engages in sessions

One final thing to say is that is that the nominator should be careful not to nominate on the basis of who they like or don't like, and the nomination should include reasons to justify their choice. The link to make a nomination is below:

Winners of the Autumn 2021 awards

Sam Ridgely - 'a shining example of a performance swimmer' 

Elizabeth Montgomery Alsop - 'making everyone one feel good when she is there'.

Sam's grant monies paid for a training pace clock for Peckham Pulse pool 

Elizabeth’s monies paid for FINIS training snorkels for the club. 

Congratulations to both. Ty was delighted that these two swimmers were nominated.