Trials Registration

Details of when trials take place are on the Join Us/Trials Information page.

Please note that as of September 2019, we can no longer trial swimmers that are 9 yrs or over unless they are competing at County level or higher at another club. If you are competing at this level, we will ask for your ASA number to see your competition history and then ask you to come in to trial with a squad that matches your level.

Registering for a trial allows us to see details about your swimmer when assessing them to join our club. If you are subsequently asked to join, you will need to log in again via the Join Us tab on our website and complete the rest of your details and select the squad/group you have been invited to join. Many parents email in and ask why they cannot log in after completing a trial registration - you won't be able to do this until you join as a member of the club.