Dulwich Dolphins Bursary Scheme

Dulwich Dolphins are a community club and we would like to give financial help to parents who are finding it difficult to pay the monthly squad fees. This may be due to a temporary loss of income, or due to low income in general – either would be acceptable circumstances to apply. Confidentiality during the process will be a high priority as we understand that some parents may not wish their friends, their coaches, other parents or even their child to know they are applying or have a bursary in place. More about how we keep your data confidential is in the detail below.

Each half-year, we have a window where parents can apply for a bursary for the next six months of fees. We have a fixed fund for the bursaries so all the applications will be pooled together and then prioritised. If your bursary application indicates that your financial situation is unlikely to change, your place on the scheme will automatically be reviewed at each window and there is no need to reapply, but we will most likely verify certain information is still correct. The planned windows are as follows:

  • 1-31st Jan application window for fees from Feb-August (this year’s application window will be from 1st Feb - 15th March for fees in Apr-August 2021)
  • 1st July-31st Jul application window for fees from Sep to Jan

The application process will involve you requesting a form by email and then sending the completed form back to us as a password protected document. We reserve the right to verify any information you give us and we may make further enquiries based on the information on the form. All information will be held securely and viewed only by those on the Bursary Committee. The Bursary Committee will be specific members of the Dulwich Dolphins Committee who do not have regular contact with parents or swimmers during training sessions, although they may know them through school or social contact. The names of bursary recipients will not be shared with others on the Dulwich Dolphins Committee.

If you come off the scheme, we will delete your data.

If you would like an application form, please email [email protected].

We of course welcome any donations to the bursary fund.