To order kit, click on this email link to create a partially written email requesting club kit. Complete the information and send, and our coordinator Mandy will confirm whether stock is available and if it is, deliver it to your home address that you have in your club records. If this address has recently changed, or is not correct, please mention to Mandy in your email.  You will be charged via GoCardless the following month.

Price list

NEW IN - Onesies and new backpack!


The Onesie comes in Kids Age 5-6yrs, 7-8 yrs, 9-11yrs and 12-13 yrs at £26 each. 

The Onesie in Adults Sizes is Small, Medium and Large and they are £33 each but these need to be ordered - Tuesday 11th Dec 2018 is likely to be the last order date before Christmas.


The Backpack is £28



Swim Hats



Drinks Bottles


​The zipped tracksuit jacket with matching trousers are for the swimmer to keep muscles warm between races at galas. We have a more expensive higher quality Kukri range which have about 3 months lead time and are ordered approximately once every six months (an email goes out to all members). The range below is a slightly cheaper but still excellent quality, and is available immediately.


Polo Top



Price List

Drinking Bottle £4
Swimming hats £6
Dulwich Dolphins kit bag £

Mesh bag £10
Towel £14
Polo Shirts £10
Tracksuit Jacket £20
Tracksuit Trousers £14
Training Swimming Costume £10
Training Trunks/shorts £8
Blue Kickboard £10
Navy & Yellow Kickboard £12
Rainbow Kickboard £12