Swimmers are required to sign this Code of Conduct upon joining the club.

Swimmers age 9 or under should not be left unaccompanied at sessions

  • It is required that all swimmers 9 years and under have a parent staying within the building/complex at each swimming session. If you have arranged for another parent or adult to take responsibility for your child, the coach must be made aware of that adult before the session.

Parents must arrive at the end of each session not 15 minutes after

  • Swimmers that are dropped off and collected from sessions must be collected at the finish time, not the finish time plus 15 minutes to allow changing. Whilst as a parent I can certainly sympathise that swimmers often take some time to get out of the changing rooms, we must clarify that coaches are only paid and are only responsible for swimmers, for the duration of the session. If an incident were to take place in the changing room, it would be the responsibility of the parents not the coaches to deal with the situation. In many instances coaches are around after the session and will always help if required but they may not be and should not be relied upon to baby sit until you arrive.

The start of sessions

  • Swimmers should arrive at sessions at least 10-15 minutes before they are due to get into the water. This allows time to get changed and do a small amount of blood flow (for those who do this). It is the parents responsibility to ensure the coach has arrived to coach the session before leaving the building and a reminder parents should not leave the building if a swimmer is under 10 years old. Coaches spend hours developing programmes that are constructed for an entire season. They have certain schemes of work and sets that they have specifically written into their sessions to give your swimmers the best programme possible. Although there are always occasional and unavoidable situations that mean a swimmer is late to sessions, there a number of swimmers that are repeat offenders and it is hugely disruptive for all concerned. It is for this reason that the club have taken the decision to advise parents; that if a swimmer arrives more than 15 minutes late to the start of a session without a prior agreement with the squad coach, they may not be allowed to swim.