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Fee Structure and cancellation policy for Squads (Sharks, Dolphins, Otters, Blue, Club, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Performance)

Monthly Squad Fees

Each swimmer pays monthly squad fees for the training sessions . They also pay an annual club membership of £70 and a prepayment of £25 for  any internal competitions or galas (Junior or Senior Club Championships or time trials). All members are expected to attend the internal competitions they're are invited to.

The monthly fees for each squad are as follows: 

  • Sharks, Otters or Club: £54
  • Dolphins: £60
  • Blue £64
  • Bronze: £72
  • Silver: £84
  • Gold: £92
  • Mercury: £114
  • Platinum: £72
  • Junior Platinum £94
  • Performance: £120
  • Senior Squad holidays only (for those attending boarding school) £30

The club trains in throughout the year, including half terms and holidays but at Christmas the junior squads (Bronze and below) take a 2 week break and the whole club take a break in August. 

Squad fees are calculated on a 12-month basis and so are payable each month throughout the year (including August). 

Annual Club membership fee 

Annual membership is £70, payable on 15th September. The amount of membership payable when first joining is dependent on the date you join: 

Join Date

First year membership

1st Aug to 31st Dec


1st January to 30th April 


1st June to 31st July


There is also a pre-payment of 2 x £12.50 to cover entry fees to our Winter and Summer Club Championships but if you join within a few weeks of an event you would not be expected to attend (or pay for it) unless you wished to.

Payment method 

When you join, we ask that you set up an authority with our direct debit partner, GoCardless. We cannot accept membership under any other terms as we don’t have the volunteers to follow up unpaid or late fees. On joining, we will collect your membership and club champs fees (if applicable) as a one-off payment and after that you will be added to a squad fee payment plan which will automatically collect on the 15th of each month until cancelled. All one-off payments are invoiced and emailed on the 1st of the month and collected on the 15th.

If you attend galas, or purchase club kit, these amounts will also be collected as a one-off payment. 

If you have any concerns about a payment notification, email the club as soon as you notice, and it will be dealt with promptly. If there are any unresolved issues, the payment will be postponed and investigated. You need to contact us by 4pm on the day following notification by GoCardless because after this time, we cannot prevent the payment going through. One-off payments are processed around the 15th of the month.

Termination of Membership 

We require 30 days notice of termination of your membership. You will not be charged more than one month’s squad fees from the date of notification. 

Fee Structure and cancellation policy  for the Academy (Beginners, Improvers, Improvers 1, Improvers 2, Advanced, Development, Development +)

Monthly Fees

Fees are £40/month for a weekly 30 minute session and £48 for a weekly 1 hr session, payable by credit card, but there is no payment in August. There are no sessions for 2 weeks at Christmas and on Easter Sunday. The monthly fee is calculated on an 11 month basis, so applies for each month, including December and March/April where there are holidays. 

There is a joining fee of £25, which includes ASA registration and a Dulwich Dolphins Academy hat. The registration fee repeats annually on 1 October.

Termination of Membership

We require 30 days notice of termination of your membership. You will not be charged more than one month's fees from the date of notification.