The club is non-proft-making and pays only for the coaching and pool hire facilities, so it relies on a team of volunteers to manage and run the club. We have a group that are on the management committee who meet once a month to oversee the direction and workings of the club and we also have individuals and small off-committee groups that work with the day-to-day running of the various activities that the swimmers benefit from.Most volunteers are parents of current swimmers in the club, but we also have a few who's children have stopped swimming and the parents continue to enjoy the social and work side of helping out - and of course the sense that you are 'doing your bit' for the community. 

Help with Summer Party

Parents are asked to bring food items for an outdoor picnic-type event. It is also an opportunity to present awards from both the Development and senior Summer Club Champs. Also if there are any parents out there good at organising games for the kids that would be much appreciated as it helps to get the children together.

Squad reps

Squad reps are there to find out answers to questions from parents and relay squad related messages to their squad. It helps enormously with the cohesion of the club and also shares out the job of answering questions from parents about how the club works.

Our Volunteers

Gala Officials - technical (e.g.qualified as a timekeeper, J1, J2 etc) or non-technical (e.g. marshall, program seller etc) 

Gala Secretary - agrees the season's gala program with the Committee. Coordinates the gala admin volunteers - Gail

Gala Admin Volunteer - processes the entries for a particular gala. Each gala volunteer gets to know a small number of events and ideally does the same events each  year. 

Swim Camp Coordinator - Gail

Social Secretary - agrees the social calendar with the Committee and coordinates volunteers for social events. - Sophie and Laoise

Trophy Secretary - manages the trophy list (who has what) and ensures they are returned and engraved before each Awards Ceremony. - Carol

Pool Hire Coordinator - renews pool hire contracts quarterly and books one-off sessions where necessary - Miranda

News updates -  Gavin

Membership Secretary - looks after the membership database  (Team Unify) and recruits new members. - Miranda

Pool Contracts - Corrinne

Club Kit Coordinator - Mandy