How to enter a gala

If you have received an email telling you a meet is open for entry follow the instructions given there carefully and be sure that you meet the deadline and that your swimmer is in the correct squad as advised. 

Manually entering a gala:


Application forms for galas are on the Fixtures page for the relevant year, e.g. Events& Competitions 2022. When details are published you will see that you are able to complete your swimmer's entries. 


Some galas specify a band of times that your child’s personal best (PB) should fall between for each event. Some specify a time where your child’s PB must be equal to or faster and occasionally a time is specified where the swimmer’s time must be slower. If you decide to enter a gala, you need to locate the link to the application form , look up your PB times from the Swim England website (link below) and fill in the times against the races you wish to enter. You will also need to enter your Swim England membership number which can be found on the SE website


Most galas currently cost around £5 per event and this is initially paid on your behalf by the club and then later charged back via direct debit.  Prices will be shown on the Club's events page for that specific gala.  Club Champs are charged as a flat rate for entry from membership fees.  


Competitions are administered by a number of parent volunteers. If you have a query regarding a competition, email and it will be directed to the appropriate person.  For details on making entries (ie technical aspects of the process) go to [email protected]


Always ensure that you have spoken to your swimmer's coach before entering a gala as they will advise on what is appropriate for each swimmer - as swimmers get more experienced they should be speaking directly to their coach.  



DD website log in

select home page 

select events events

edit commitment 

click on member name

select 'yes please' to sign up

click on each individual race - eligible times will come up.  If greyed out not eligible.  If gala accepting those without SE times you can put 'NT' which stands for no time (that's for specific galas)

Save changes at the bottom