How to enter a gala

Application forms for galas are on the Fixtures page for the relevant year, e.g. Competitions/Fixtures 2015-16. Galas are ordered from the beginning of the season (September) to the end (July). When details are published, there will be a link, usually under 'Further Details', to an online application form.


Some galas specify a band of times that your child’s personal best (PB) should fall between for each event. Some specify a time where your child’s PB must be equal to or faster and occasionally a time is specified where the swimmer’s time must be slower. If you decide to enter a gala, you need to locate the link to the application form , look up your PB times from the ASA website (link below) and fill in the times against the races you wish to enter. You will also need to enter your ASA number (link below)


ASA membership check


ASA registered times


Most galas currently cost around £5 per event and this is initially paid on your behalf by the club and then later charged back via direct debit.


Competitions are administered by a number of parent volunteers. If you have a query regarding a competition, and it will be directed to the appropriate person.