Clothing and kit requirements


All members need a Dulwich Dolphins hat for training. See the Club Kit page under the Member tab for details on how to order. If you are joining Blue Squad or above it is advisable to buy a gold hat because these are mandatory for attending galas. Periodically, a special gold hat is available to order whereby you can ask to have your name printed on the side. They take 2/3 months to be delivered. For just training purposes, you can order a hat in any colour.


All members should bring a float to sessions except for the Beginners class in the learn-to-swim Academy, where the coach will bring noodles. The size of float depends on your squad and the type of drills that each does, so please follow the guide below

Beginners - coach provides floatation aids

Improvers  through to Sharks - bring a float of approximately 30cm length

Dolphins through to top squads - bring a float of approximately 40cm length

If you attend Dulwich Prep, this is particularly important as we do not have access to the equipment cupboard.

When the swimmer reaches Silver Squad they must buy fins (like flippers but a little shorter) and bring them to every session with their float.

The coaches for Mercury, Platinum and Junior Performance will specify any other equipment you need and they may well ask for a particular piece of equipment for an upcoming session.


There is no club swimming costume so you can wear any colour/design of costume you wish, although boys should wear close-fitting trunks or jammers, not loose swim shorts. For advice on swimwear for galas, read the Going to a Gala under the Competitions tab.

Poolside clothing

Poolside clothing (tracksuit jackets, polo shirts and trousers) are required for going to galas so that coaches can quickly identify their swimmers. Advice on exactly what you need is given on the Going to a Gala page under the Competitions tab. For training purposes, the poolside clothing is only optional.

We have two options for buying club logo poolside clothing

1/ A BESPOKE superior quality of kit that can be ordered within a specific time window at

which is likely be every 6 months or so or when demand dictates and takes 13 weeks to arrive.

The new kit is comprises of :

  • a sublimated T-shirt

  • a pair of trousers 

  • a waterproof blast fleece jacket

  • and/or a hoody.

Please note there is an option of getting swimmers names printed on the tops however Kukri charge a small fee for that.

2/ A more reasonably priced kit that can be delivered sooner, ideal for young fast growing swimmers and can be ordered on Swim Club Manager (link in the website header).