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Volunteering on Poolside can be done by those qualified and unqualified

Our volunteers are the life-blood of the Club and our Club is run by and relies on our collective volunteering efforts.

Ideally every family in our Club would help by offering even just a few hours a year.

Swim England, our Governing body have just brought in new rules giving minimum ratios for adult/swimmer at meets to ensure safety.  A great idea.  But now we need MANY MORE volunteers. 

Once swimmers enter Silver Squad or above (and start attending senior Club Championship galas) in particular we strongly request/expect that families will get involved as a minimum once a year. 

This documents sets out the volunteering on poolside at meets –

How to volunteer the different types of swim meets

What the qualifications you can gain are and how to get them

What happens at Surrey County/London Region Champs


How to Volunteer at Dulwich Dolphins

Contact the Competitions Team at [email protected] if you are able to help

1. Junior Club Champs – for all swimmers in Dolphins up to and including Bronze Squad. 

Run Winter and Autumn. 

Parents are encouraged to and can help out at these.  They don’t have licensing at these meets.  You just need a Swim England number (provided by Club Sec on request in 1 day).

To sign up to help at Junior Club Champs email Kiri at [email protected]  

2. Licensed Club Champs – for all swimmers in Silver Squad and above. 

Remember these are Senior Club Championships

To sign up to help at Senior Club Champs - go onto the events page of our website (ensure you are signed into the private area of the website) and add your name to the volunteers list.  ANY issues at all, email [email protected] and we are happy to help

Run Autumn and Winter, but there are 2-3 days in each round.  So about 6 galas a year. 

We need

A. volunteers who are qualified (Technical Officials licensed by Swim England)

B. team managers (a new requirement from Swim England on ratios) which involves doing short on-line training and helping out on poolside with the swimmers in a non-coaching role

C. non-technical officials (not licensed, but have ASA membership via the Club so anyone can do this).  If your swimmer is racing, you can help.  See below.

3. Licensed External Meets – these are competitions where our swimmers go and race at another Club.  They require Technical Officials qualified to Judge Level 1 and higher, Team Managers as well as non-technical volunteers.  If your swimmer is racing, you can help.  

4. Surrey County Champs and London Regional Champs

These are higher level meets where licensed officials Judge Level 1 (J1) and above are needed (see below for explanation). 

They require Technical Officials – J1 and above.   Anyone can volunteer still as a non-technical official (ie a marshall) with no qualifications. 

Non-Technical Volunteers

ANY PARENT can volunteer for this.  You do NOT need experience.  It’s doing programmes, taking refreshments round, marshalling all vital jobs.  Please step up and volunteer for at least one session – link is at  You can also volunteer for non-tech for the London Regional Competition in the Spring. 

Team Managers

We are required to have Team Managers to attend meets - these need to have enhanced DBS checks and L1 and L2 TM training.  These are not too onerous at all.  

What the Swim England Technical Official Qualifications are and how to Obtain Them

  • Stage 1 - qualify as a Time-keeper.  Takes about an hour on line -
    • involves take times at meets – around 3 hours to qualify with a simple online course from Swim England's Institute of swimming and a brief practical test that you can do in one session at Club Championships
  • Judge Level 1s (J1s) – time-keep, chief time keeper, turns judges and some stroke judging – 3 more hours to qualify.  Need to gain experience during training (including at Surreys or Regionals at Level 1 meets – see below).  Can do the theory element on line now see Swim England website
  • Judge Level 2 (J2) – stroke judges - 15 hours post qualification experience from J1 stage.  Theory course and practical sessions in person/zoom. 
  • J2S – starter - higher level 
  • Referee – refs the whole meet

If your swimmer is racing at the Surrey County Champs (January/Feb of each year) 

1. Officials (need to be qualified) 

J1 Trainees – can request mentoring at the Surreys via the Surrey website ( and in fact, trainees are meant to do a couple of sessions at L1/2 meets.  These are higher level meets – the Surreys are L1.  So whilst you cannot officiate, you can get vital mentoring and be part of what’s going on.  This is the same for the London Regional Competition in the Spring.  

J1s and above – can officiate at the Surreys and Dolphins are required to send officials as we are a very big club now.  So please sign up to volunteer – link is at  You will also be able to officiate at the London Regional Competition in the Spring.  

2. Team managers (need enhanced DBS with barring check AND TM1/2)

3. Non-technical (do not need qualifications only to be registered by the Club at Swim England)

Any problems/issues or to discuss further – [email protected]