We are the Borough of Waltham Forest Swimming Club (BWFSC), also known as Gators. We are a non-profit swimming club and charity, run by an elected Committee which meets quarterly.

The club offers structured and progressive aquatic skills classes and competitive swimming training for swimmers of all ability levels, from age 3 years upwards.

We are now training at the Sylvestrian Leisure Centre, London Aquatics Centre, Chingford Leisure Centre, and the Feel Good Centre, Walthamstow.

Club History

The BWFSC was formed in 1986 through a joint initiative of the Borough Swimming Clubs and the local Borough Council. The amalgamation led to a period of growth and measured success with locally produced athletes that would have a significant importance on County, National and International Levels. Today we're a diverse and inclusive ameteur swimming club with a purpose to promote swimming skills in the local communities of North East London and South West Essex. 

Swim21 Accredited at Competitive Level

BWFSC has enjoyed many years of producing quality athletes as well as competitive youngsters at all levels of competition and has been awarded Swim21 Accreditation at Competitive Level since 2009. The Club received the new Swim Mark Accreditation in Janaury 2022.

National Plan for Teaching Swimming

BWFSC has adopted the National Plan for Teaching Swimming as the core programme throughout which young children learn to swim and develop a love of the sport. The club continues to attract children at the earliest age to undergo the basic skills of water safety, swimming techniques and further on to competitive levels of the sport. The specific programmes within the club allow for swimmers at these levels to compete as a team or as individuals for swimming events leading up to County, National and International Level.