The BWFSC Executive Committee is made up of volunteers (mainly parents) who heavily rely on the goodwill of parents and others to assist in the running of the club, help put on our open meets and assist with fund raising, without which the club would simply cease to exist.


Chairperson and Club Officer: 

Darren Ashcroft

Vice Chairperson and Club Officer:

Club Secretary and Club Officer:   

Richard Dawson

Treasurer and Club Officer:

Alex Lovell

Membership Administrator:

Nicole Remyn

Club Liaison Officer

Richard Dawson

Child Welfare Officer

Sean Reed

SwimMark Co-ordinator

Hannah Grimshaw

Team Manager(s)


Website and Media Co-ordinator

Mark Higgins

Gala Secretary

Michelle Curley / Hannah Grimshaw

Officials Co-ordinator

Michelle Curley

Trophy Administrator

Jason Remyn

Disability Officer

Karen Pagan

Merchandise Co-ordinator 

Maggie Tanner/Susie Heales

Jack Petchey Administrators

Mary Dawson

 You can view the job descriptions and what is involved in each position here

Get Involved

If you would like to get more involved with the running of the Gators or would like to help out in some small way please email

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